Friday, April 11, 2014

Seven More Rows on the Sampler Bag

I am loving this project! There’s no “wrong” – I can do whatever I like with it.  I’m using some threads I bought because I liked the look and feel of them and some threads that were leftover from other projects.

You can see my first seven stitched rows here. Now, for my progress:

Row 15
Herringbone and straight stitches, done with Caron Wildflowers 236 (Appalachia) and rayon Iris 000

Row 17
Feather Stitch in DMC perle #5 - 4120

Row 19
Straight stitch in Soy Luster 269 (Love in the Mist) and 413 (Envy)

Row 21
Butterfly chain in Bravo A111

Row 23
Herringbone and Chevron stitches in Caron Soie Cristale 8013 (Surf) and 4024 (yellow)

Row 25
Feather stitch in three strands of Mandarin floss M856

Row 27
Fly stitch in Grandeur G889

It’s really hard to put this down!


Margaret said...

I am pleased you are enjoying this. Unlike you I find it really hard to stitch something that has 'no wrong' as I like the precision of counted work. However I am determined to make one of these stitch sampler bags too - just not yet!

Thoeria said...

Oh I like this! Looks really lovely. What interesting fabric you're using!

Queeniepatch said...

I can see that it is hard to stop working on this lovely piece.