Sunday, April 27, 2014

UFO's and WIPs

(UFO stands for UnFinished Object and WIP for Work in Progress)

I’m starting on a new project – a crazy quilt hussif as part of a challenge at Pintangle. So far all I have is a sketch and a few fabrics I want to use, but I expect to have something to show soon.

Ann at Colorful Cross Stitches has recently been posting examples of her stitching by letters of the alphabet, with the letter U standing for UFO’s.  In 19 years of stitching she has only had two, and she has good reasons for not finishing them yet. Margaret also says she is a one project at a time girl, but thinks she has too many projects on the go right now.  She does beautiful work, and I often want to start new projects after seeing what she is doing! These two ladies and probably many more would not be comfortable with my UFO and WIP pile, let alone all the things I have kitted up but not yet started.

As I get ready to start this new project, I thought I’d pull out a few of my more active projects (or those that I would like to be stitching) and check out how much more is left to be done.

Queen Elizabeth - I am working on her now and will soon be posting some progress pictures.
Nine cross stitch ornaments that are in progress and I think I will be able to finish in time for this year's tree decorating.

Hexie quilt - I'm getting very close to having enough hexagon flowers!

RSN knot garden - I have been working on this with the Tuesday stitchers.

Linen toolies set - I need another spool of blue kreinik to continue.

Pears - there are four more to stitch, then finish them all into ornaments.


Ribbon Album mini-quilt  - I wanted to finish this last year. Maybe I'll finish next year?


Plum Panache velvet beaded shawl - another I wanted to finish last year.

 48 count chair cushion - a third from last year.

USA cross stitch map - last worked on in the summer.  (I think there is a counting mistake).

Bead on perforated paper necklace - I made several of these last year, but didn't finish this one.

Bead on paper ornaments - maybe they'll get done this year.

 Stitch & zip - my train project.

Stumpwork - Butterfly & Blooms stumpwork - not my favorite project, but I do want to finish it.

Silk gauze cat - I started this last year.
Sonoko Doll ornament - I don't think there is so much left to do on this one.

Lynn Payette Lily - maybe I'll pick this up again after the queen is done.

EGA CC drawn thread - this was started in 1997, and I thought I would finish it that year - oops!  I haven't worked on this one since coming to Japan, but after doing several pulled thread projects last year, I've really wanted to work on this drawn thread piece.

Paisley Purse - this is just the starter project (the pocket).  Maybe I'll start the actual purse and come back to this.

ANG band sampler - this is going to be a strap for a bag.

Sashiko projects - there are several in this bag, waiting to be finished.

Beaded ball ornaments - this one is almost finished and I have several more balls to bead.

Two Temari - I might need some help to get back to these.

Blue hardanger piece - I think there might be a counting mistake. I need to figure it out.


These are the most immediate WIPs. I don't know if they will all get finished this year, but maybe they will.

I have another box of small projects started, like Mill Hill kits.  I may or may not work on them.  I have a bigger box of started projects that haven't been out since we've been in Japan.   Maybe another day, I’ll post about the projects I have kitted but not yet started. And yet another day about the fabric and quilting projects.  For now, I'm getting back to my new project - the hussif.


Margaret said...

Oh I am drooling over some of your WIPs! I have had to remind myself sternly of my vow to not covet a new start. Isn't it fun though, to be tempted by others in this deligh

Queeniepatch said...

Wow! You have an impressive collection of WIPs and UFOs! I hope you will enjoying working on them and soon have them posted on the blog.
The beaded ball is a craft I have never seen before. Is it a Christmas tree ornament?

Anonymous said...

Whoa - what a lot of projects! I'm exhausted! You are my inspiration, and I don't even stitch!

Wendy said...

Brilliant collection of WIPs and UFOs! The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.