Sunday, October 17, 2021

Gokoku Shrine

I had been to this shrine before, once for a Festival during Obon and a couple of times for flea markets. Those times I went by train or someone's car. This time I walked and it was quite a long walk. This is a large shrine area, with paths and benches and a wide open area for the flea market and other things.

One thing I really like about this place is that it is totally accessible.  The grounds are all flat and although the main building has a few steps, you can see on the far right there is a ramp. I think most shrines and temples have many many steps to climb, making it difficult for people with mobility issues.

This shrine is dedicated to looking after the souls of soldiers who died in recent wars.

There were just a few people there on this day, but on Flea Market days, this road is full of vendors and shoppers.

There is a nice pond with some benches if you want to sit and take a rest.

This is a large shrine area and I went out a different way than I went in.



Queeniepatch said...

The wide green lawn in front of the main building is also unique.

crazyQstitcher said...

Thank you for sharing such a peaceful and interesting locality.

jacaranda said...

I looks very peaceful.

Vireya said...

It looks like a great place to walk around. Having a flea market in the grounds sounds interesting.

toki said...

You walked a lot this time too.
It's a distance I don't want to walk. Even if walk,it seems that I can't move when I arrive at the shrine.😰
I have never been to Gokoku shrine. From the entrance,There is road to back that is hard imagine. The main hall feels solemn. Thank you for posting a lot of photos. I want to go.🙋

Leonore Winterer said...

Such a pretty place. It looks very peaceful.

kiwikid said...

Lovely place to go and visit.