Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Pandemic Geography

Lately I've been checking online to see what percentage of people are vaccinated in different parts of the world. It is both interesting and sad. Some countries have an abundance of vaccine, yet people refuse to be vaccinated. Other countries don't have access to vaccines.  

This (Finacial Times Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker) is one of the sites I check. Below is the information given and if you click the arrows on the site, you can change the arrangement of the information. I also like that it gives the date of the last update, so you can see how current the information is.

Many of the countries I recognize.  Others I remember from my school geography classes, even though I don't really know much about them. But, there are some that I'm sure I've never heard of and have to google them to find out where they are or maybe what their former names were. Like I said, it is both interesting and sad. It's usually interesting to learn new things, but it is very sad to see that some countries have less than 1% of their population vaccinated. We are not safe until everyone is safe. 

Check it out and see where your country is or where other countries are with vaccinations. See if there are any countries you don't recognize.  Are there any countries you thought you wanted to visit before the pandemic, but their vaccination numbers just aren't there yet?


kiwikid said...

There is a huge push to be vaccinated here now and in NZ as the delta strain just keep spreading. I do wonder how the poorer countries are managing.

Vireya said...

Very true. We get angry at our government over how slow the vaccination program has been here, but it is sobering to see those statistics in most of the developing world.

toki said...

I by chocolate and coffee through a system called Fair Trade.They are produced in Ghana,Ethiopia,Tanzania,
etc. Supporting women's work.That country is Bangladesh.
Those country also have low vaccination
rates. I think the role of「COVAX」is important.
“We are not safe until everyone is safe”
I agree with this opinion.

Jeanie said...

This is fascinating -- and yes. Plenty of countries I don't recognize.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm really torn about some countries offering third shots while others still haven't had a chance to get their first. Will I get it when it's offered to me? Probably, refusing it isn't going to help anyone, either. Still, you'd really think they'd be able to make enough for everyone now.