Sunday, September 19, 2021

Sayonara Max

After 24 years, Japan is saying good-bye to the last two-level shinkansen train in Japan.  It is scheduled to end its regular service on October first."Max" stands for Multi Amenity Express. 

The 16 car train has a capacity for 1634 passengers with the uniquely designed upper and lower decks. Because the maximum speed of this train is 240 kilometers per hour, it is considered to be less efficient than the E5 shinkansen which has a maximum speed of 320 kilometers per hour. (If you are too slow, you gotta go). 

At Tokyo Station, there is a special E4 Series Escalator, for a limited time as a farewell to Max. It looks just like the front of the shinkansen train.  Everything is cute in Japan.

Also for a limited time, souvenirs are available. More can be seen on the official website, link below.

To tell the truth, I didn't even know about the double decker train and soon it will be gone.

There is more information on this (Japanese only) official Max Last Run website.


Queeniepatch said...

I have seen the MAX trains at the platform at Tokyo Station, but never ridden on one.
Fancy the Japanese to make a Sayonara event for a train service.

crazyQstitcher said...

I don't think I'd appreciate the speed but rather a little slower to enjoy scenery. Amazing technology though.

roughterrain crane said...

Oh, the time has passed.
Happy Sunday to you.

toki said...

I have also seen it at Tokyo Station.
But It's not MAX. This shinkansen I saw
is the「Tokaido shinkansen」from Tokyo Station to Kyoto Station.There was a double-decker train. There was also a dining car and a private room.Not now.

I wanted to ride a double-decker vehicle. It's great to have stairs in the shinkansen! I also yearn for a dining vehicle.

I didn't know MAX. (MAX is Joetsu shinkansen)Until the last day,do your
best MAX!

Jeanie said...

What an interesting train. I never saw one of those when I was in Japan. It would have been interesting to ride in one.

diamondc said...

Greetings Pam: When Mike lived in Japan he said the train in his area was called the bullet train it went close to 200 miles per hour.
Very scary to me.


jacaranda said...

The Shinkansen are amazing, though unfortunately I have trouble riding in them, I shouldn't look out the window and try to take photos at the same time, I get the wobbles!!

Leonore Winterer said...

I think it would be fun to ride at the second floor of this train - what a shame we'll never get the chance again now!