Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Entertainment Center

In our home in North Carolina, we had three televisions and DirectTV with hundreds of satellite channels. I used to record a lot of programs like Law & Order, CSI, and The Closer, then watch them with the commercials on fast forward.   We don’t have any television here, but I do sometimes watch Maru videos on YouTube on my computer.  I don’t miss the television.  This little box and the window are my new entertainment center.

It has a wireless connection to the outside to measure the temperature, in Fahrenheit, of course.  I want to go with metric and yen and the Japanese measurements, but I haven’t quite figured out how to think in Centigrade.  I heard someone say he didn’t know how to dress when it was -1 or -2.  He was talking about Centigrade, of course.  We were in the Indian restaurant the day after a cold night and the owner said it was -10 the night before, again Centigrade.  I know that means it was below freezing, but I don’t have any scale in my head to figure out just how cold that is.

I’m constantly watching the gadget to see if the temperature is going up or down.  If the humidity goes up, I think it must be snowing or about to start snowing. We have a railing out on the balcony where snow collects until it gets too high and falls off. I watch to see if it will fall in or out.  The snow can change from flurries to white out conditions very quickly, so I like to watch the window and keep tabs on the snow outside when I’m inside. 

The coldest I’ve seen on this gadget is 10 F.  The warmest, on a sunny day, was about 35 F.  Most day times it gets in the mid-20’s F. The weather here is quite entertaining.

Dragon stitching
I’m doing some compensation stitches and outlining – nothing much that is photo worthy.  Here is a picture of the DragonMaster’s designer and teacher, Dorothy Lesher, with her piece, taken at the class I took at Calloway Gardens School of Needle Arts in January 2010. For more information on Calloway Gardens School of Needle Arts, see http://www.callawaygardens.com/info/calendar/calendar.needlearts.event.aspx

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