Friday, January 13, 2012

Lost and Found

 Ohayo Gozaimasu!  It’s a clear cold (20 F) day and it’s not snowing this morning.  It may be snowing later, but the sky is still for now.

In the US, my experience with lost and found was not good. If lost items are turned in at all, they may end up in a box in some back office, where you don't know to look and never get them back.   If you lose something here, you will probably get it back. When something is found, it is put up on a board or on a table or in some obvious place so the loser can find it. Everywhere you go there are lost items in plain view, in the area they were found, waiting to be collected by the owners.
at Haruki

Shopping list

I’m going to Haruki later this morning, an almost every day trip.  If you can’t read my writing, the list says eggs, bread, coffee.

I spoke (wrote) too soon!  In the short time it’s taken to write this,the sky has turned white and snow is now falling. Where does all this snow come from?  Another question is where does it all go when the trucks take it away.? These are the mysteries of Hokkaido.

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