Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Furnace

We don’t really have a furnace, but that’s what I call this toyu (kerosene) stove that heats our apartment.  At first I thought it was kind of scary, but not so much now.


Ted orders the toyu at the toyu store across the street from Haruki, then carries the four containers down to the apartment entry way, as do others in our building.  The next day, the truck comes and fills the containers.  If you have a car, you can take your containers and fill them up at the gas station, but we don’t, so the toyu truck comes to us.

Ted carries the filled containers up to our third floor apartment and uses a little pump to get the toyu from the containers to this big thing in the corner of the room with the stove.

It keeps the apartment warm.  We turn the furnace off when it gets warm and turn it on when it gets cool.  It seems kind of old fashioned, but that’s how people heat their homes here. It works.

Dragon Update
I still have more to do on the wing, but I was getting tired of all the couching, so I thought I’d work on the wizard for awhile.  I had quite a bit of the wizard done before.  Guess what?  More couching! The ends of the sleeves/cuffs are stitched like the dragon’s spine. It’s coming along slowly, but I am making progress.

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