Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lunch in the Campus Cafeteria

 Ted’s holiday vacation is over and he is back to work. His office is close enough to come home for lunch but he also likes to eat in the cafeteria at school.  It’s inexpensive and he likes the food, plus it is convenient for him. I ate with him in the cafeteria for the first time Friday.

 There is a big display of foods available.

A lot of things look alike and I wanted to make sure I chose something without meat. Some of Ted’s students were also there and were able to help me make a choice – soba noodles with vegetables, a big bowl for only 304 yen.  Ted had some ramen with pork.

Ted paid the cashier and we sat down to eat. (My bowl is the brown one on the tray.)

Hot Japanese green tea is available to drink.  I think it must be an acquired taste. I was able to eat my soba with chop sticks, without having to resort to the silverware available by the cashier. Ted introduced me to several professors from his department and one ceramics professor from the art department.  I have to say again, everyone is very friendly. When we finished, Ted took our tray to the return window.  I’ll probably eat here again.

Quick Stitch
I started stitching this little pot holder last night and will probably finish today.  My dishes in the US were this Pfaltzgraff Yorktowne pattern.  I no longer have the dishes, but I like the pattern – you can’t go wrong with blue.

Winter temperatures?
Yesterday it was around 40 degrees F during the day – hot for here!  This morning the thermometer says 11.8 F. What is in store for us today in Hokkaido?

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