Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Some Eating Observations

I’ve been back to the campus cafeteria twice since my original post about it.  I’ve noticed little animals at the bottom of the menu signs, to tell what meat is in the dish, so I can make an informed choice.  Some of the noodle soup kind of items have no animals at the bottom. The signs also give the number of calories and the price.

We went to the Victoria Restaurant once and I chose the salad bar.  There were quite a few things that I was not familiar with, but I did try some new things.

Here’s the lunch menu at the Indian Restaurant. I get the vegetable curry and Ted gets the chicken curry.

These cakes were at Cosco. Large American cakes aren’t the norm here.

Cute little fancy pieces of cake are more usual and cost about as much as a whole cake in the US.  This piece of cake was a thank you gift to Ted for being Santa San at the kindergarten.

This big radish thing is a dikon and is very common.

I don’t know what this little package of leaves is, but it is in the produce section at Haruki.

Apples are expensive, but oh, so delicious. They come in this padded cover with no bruises or flaws. 

I like giant pandas, so Ted brought me this box of panda cookies from the university c-store.

This bag of pumpkin Kit-Kats is a mystery.  This is January – are these left overs from October or is pumpkin a favorite Japanese flavor? I’m not crazy about the chocolate Kit-Kats in the US, so I don’t even think I’ll try these.  They are curious, though.

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