Thursday, January 5, 2012

Weather and Yubin-Kyoku

On New Year’s Eve it didn’t snow at all, not one flake the entire day.  The last couple of days there have only been light flurries, a dusting of snow.  Today made up for it.  It snowed all day long. Thick fluffy snowflakes making deep walkways and ensuring the snow removal workers have work to do.

On the way to the Post Office Tuesday.

Same place on Wednesday.
Today you need tall boots.

We went to the branch of the Yubin-Kyoku about four blocks from where we live and it was open today!  We were able to mail the small package we had, but they didn’t have the aerogramme’s at this little branch.  We have to go to the main post office down town. The woman who works here doesn’t speak English, so I couldn’t come by myself. Next time, I’ll learn the words I need for what I want and try to talk with her.  I was able to say thank you – arigato goziamasu.

Businesses give out calendars as new year gifts.  We received three calendars.  I like the one from Haruki because it looks like needlework on the cover page.  I don’t want to tear it off to see January. At the front of the Haruki they had a box where you could bring calendars you didn't want and take one you did.  There weren't any of their own calendars in the box.

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