Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Day is This?

Monday is the burnable trash day (we think), so we took out burnable trash on Monday.  Tuesday is non-burnable trash day (we think), so we took out our non-burnable trash.  There was still burnable trash in the mesh bins.  I think there must have been a holiday schedule change that we don’t know about.  Sometimes we get papers/notices in our mailbox, but we don’t know what they say.

We walked to the post office yesterday to buy some aerogrammes, but the post office was closed. I’m guessing it’s closed on the 3rd because they had to deliver all those New Year’s post cards on the first.  Even if there was a sign on the door with the schedule, we wouldn't be able to read it. The post office logo is the red T with the double line on top.  Maybe we’ll go back again today and see if they are open.

Ted has several days off and the university is closed, but we haven’t figured out the holiday schedule for everyone else.  I don’t think the snow removal workers get a day off until April.

Unpacking Continues
I’ve been here almost a month and still don’t have everything unpacked and organized yet.  I don’t want to pull everything out with no place to keep it organized and have a big mess. I just opened up the box containing books.  I couldn’t bring many, so I had to pick only my favorites. These two, both gifts, are my very favorites.  They are dream books, the kind you can look at over and over.

Laura Cobin gave me 1000 Places to See Before You Die.  I’ve gone through and highlighted the places I’ve seen so far.  The next to be highlighted will be the Sapporo Snow Festival in February.  Mike and Rose Ramsey gave me Art of Embroidery. It’s a beautiful Royal School of Needlework book, with lots of color photos and a great index in the back.

 Stitching Update
Yesterday Gay Ann Rogers sent an email out to the Elizabeth list, with the subject line “Wake up, my snoozing Elizabeth class.”  I’m one of those who haven’t finished Elizabeth and Gay Ann’s email made me want to get her out.  If it weren’t the year of the dragon, I would be much more tempted to work on the Queen. So many unfinished projects!

Here’s a picture of Gay Ann (in the red), Carole Lake (holding Elizabeth) and Michael Boren at Calloway last January.  Gay Ann is the teacher/designer of the piece, Carole taught the history lesson part of the class, Michael helped with the audiovisual/technical support part of the class. It was a great team taught class.

Ted has seen what fun I am having with my blog and has started a photography blog.  He's a great photographer who has exhibited internationally and won several awards. Check it out -

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