Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Seven Course Concert Contest

Last night we went to a music concert at the University.  It’s really nice to be able to go from our apartment on the third floor to seats in I-Hall in less than five minutes. The faculty member involved with this concert is Min Sensei.  She is from Korea and lives in our building.

The program had seven “courses”, each with five or six student musicians and several musical pieces in a theme.  One was tea time and the musicians were dressed as waiters. One was a little opera piece with the singers performing in Italian, with Japanese subtitles up on the screen. Another had a Nutcracker theme, with a mouse and a tin soldier.  At the end of the concert the audience members voted for their favorites. The group I voted for came in third and the group Ted voted for came in first.  One student from each group accepted the awards.

Remember the pumpkin Kit Kats I posted about the other day?  I saw this little package of snacks at the Haruki this week – a pumpkin drinking beer in January.  What is this about?

We had a clear day yesterday and Ted shot these pictures of the distant mountains from our kitchen window. The big sculpture in the foreground of the first picture is at City Hall.

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