Monday, January 30, 2012

Iwamizawa International Exchange Society New Year's Party

Our new friend Kyoko San invited us to attend the IIES pot luck and New Year celebration, which was held yesterday.  We made deviled eggs, which we translated to oni tamago. With the help of Ted’s iPad we walked to the community center where the party was held. There were people of all ages from Japan, the United Kingdom, and the US (North Carolina, California, and Michigan) in attendance. I was happy to see the students and sensei from my Japanese language class.

 There were a lot of delicious foods to choose from. Each person wrote what the dish was on a piece of paper, which was very helpful in choosing.  I think everyone went back for seconds and even thirds!

As always in Japan, the trash was separated.  I had to wait to see what was put in each bag before throwing anything away because I couldn’t read the writing on the bags.

 After the main part of the eating (people returned to the food table throughout the party), various Japanese games were introduced.

Sumo wrestling was a big hit.

Everyone wanted to be able to spin a plate on a stick.  As you can see it takes some concentration.

I think everyone had a good time and had plenty to eat.