Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Color Hole 2 Art Exhibit

One of the university administrators copied this news article for me because he knew I would be interested in the exhibit.  I’m amazed that someone so high in the university structure knows who I am and what I am interested in, let alone cares enough to make a copy of the news article. 

As you can see in the news article, it’s written top to bottom and right to left. Even though I can’t read the article, I can pick out a few things. I see kanji followed by san in hiragana, so that is someone’s name. In one place, kanji and san are followed by the number 23.  I think that is the artist’s name (something with yama – mountain) and her age. I see kiruto in katakana in several places. Try rolling that around in your head, do you come up with quilt? I can pick out a few other things in hiragana or katakana, but I don't get the whole article.

The exhibit was held at the train station, and was a wall sized pieced fabric item.  The name of the piece is Kirutoruuma, which I think means Quilt Room.

I looked at all the different pieces for quite a long time.  Much of the fabric looks old.  I think I see pieces of dresses I wore in the 60’s and 70’s sewn into this piece.

The exhibit was very interesting and I’m thankful that someone thought of me and called my attention to it because I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.

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Queeniepatch said...

How kind of the administrator to think of you. This must be right up your sleeve and I am glad you enjoyed the exhibition. Who wouldn't want to live in a cosy quilted room?