Friday, September 27, 2013

Minimum Wage and Bird Legs

The Japan Times online reports that the average minimum wage in Japan will increase 15 yen to 764 yen an hour in October. Each prefecture sets its own minimum wage.  Currently people on welfare earn more per month than those earning minimum wage in 11 prefectures including Hokkaido, Tokyo, and Osaka.  The increase will lift the wage above that of people on welfare in all prefectures except Hokkaido. According to Hokkaido’s current minimum wage is 719 yen per hour.

That bit of news started me thinking about what the minimum wage is in the US and other countries now. reports that the federal minimum wage in the US is now $7.25, which is close to what 719 yen in Hokkaido is equal to.  The country with the highest minimum wage is Australia, which is $16.88 in USD. France is $12.09 and New Zealand $11.18 (in USD equivalents). On the lower end, Mexico is $.66 and India $.28. The article goes on to say that the US and Japan tie for having  the lowest minimum wage relative to the average worker’s salary, at 38%. The highest percentage goes to France at 60%, followed by New Zealand at 59%. (Australia isn’t on top because it has a higher average salary for workers, making its percentage lower). This article also notes that a large number of countries, including Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, and Switzerland, do not have minimum wages.  Most of those countries have widespread collective bargaining, which establish de facto minimums.

So anyway, I thought all of that was interesting.

Bird Legs
Our little stitch group was a little smaller this week because two members had things to do with their children, but the three of us who met worked on our projects. One person finished her beaded necklace.  Very pretty! 

The other two of us worked on our applique birds.

I gave my bird legs, using two strands of brown floss and the recently learned TAST stitch, the raised chain. I don't know if I'm done embellishing my little bird or not.



Anonymous said...

Love the legs!
JJ (from the land of cheese and chocolate where the local radio news this morning was talking about the current debate about the proposal for establishing a minimum wage!)

Queeniepatch said...

The lowest wage I know of is housework - cooking and caring for, and cleaning up after others, at the wage rate of 0¥/hour.
Clever use of the Raised Chain stitch for the bird's legs, it gives structure and balance to the worm. What are you going to do with the piece? Framed picture, bag, cushion...?

JennyPennyPoppy said...

A delightful looking bird :)