Friday, September 20, 2013

Legs or No Legs?

I’ve been working on the little bird. After I finished the basic applique, I knew it needed some embellishing and almost forgot to take a picture before I added some additional stitches.

I gave it an eye in satin stitch with two strands of floss. The eyelashes are three little straight stitches.  I outlined the body with a stem stitch in two strands of floss.  I used a chain stitch with two strands of floss under the wing.  The wing has some feather stitches done with one strand of floss. I outlined the beak with two strands of floss in a stem stitch. When that much was done, I laid it out to look and try to decide whether it needed legs or not. It looked like a happy bird, but a really happy bird would have a worm, so I made a worm in its mouth.  The worm is needleweaving, done with #5 perle.

So, I’m still trying to decide – legs or no legs?  Maybe just one leg since this is a side view? Or maybe the legs are tucked under because it is flying?


Anonymous said...

Legs! What an adorable little bird. I think it's resting to eat that huge worm. What a sweet project. JJ

Margaret said...

Legs! You've created a blue bird of happiness!

Manuela said...

Lovely bird.

Greetings, Manuela

Queeniepatch said...

Cute burd! I'd give it legs.
The wing, is it made from a piece of kimono silk?

Pamela said...

It looks like it in the photo, but it is actually a cotton print. Thanks!