Saturday, September 7, 2013

Eating Out

Last night we ate out, as in outside.  The university has this nice cook-out shelter and it’s just across the road from where we live.  It was still light when we carried out the little grill and Japanese charcoal (little burnt up sticks, not charcoal pillow looking things) and all the food and other stuff.

Ted remembered how fast it gets dark these days and brought his head lamp to cook by. He's very good with these giant cooking chop sticks.

Ted made fish for me and ribs for him and we had vegetables from our garden. It was a Japanese style cookout, where you eat a little at a time and continue cooking and eating for a long time.  It was very delicious and very fun. 

I’ve made progress on my little acorn kitchen towel and might have finished it if we hadn’t eaten out last night. Today’s another day.


Margaret said...

Your meal looks delicious. So pleased you are still enjoying the last of the summer.

Queeniepatch said...

Meals taken al fresco are always good, and especially if the food is grilled and by one's husband, no? I agree with Margaret; enjoy the last of the summer.