Monday, September 23, 2013

Monday Morning Star Count - 108

Since starting this project, I’ve been noticing hexagons shapes all over. This one is an actual quilt and was made by my friend’s grandmother in 1991.  He and his wife have it hanging in their apartment here in Hokkaido.  Isn’t it a treasure?

On my own project, I have put together eight more flower clumps and completed eight additional flowers.  Total number of flowers now stands at 108.  I still haven’t figured out how many I need for the bed sized quilt, so I will continue cutting fabric squares and making hexagon flowers.  Until next Monday….



Queeniepatch said...

How nice to have a quilt made by grandmother! It is a charming quilt and the pink flowers do stand out.
The flowers in YOUR garden are growing, too. You'll have a bed size quilt by the end of the year I guess!

Manuela said...

The Quilt and your hexaflowers look fantastic.

Greetings, Manuela