Wednesday, September 4, 2013

TAST 80 - Raised Chain V1

This week’s Take a Stitch Tuesday is version 1 of the Raised Chain.

I tried this out with kreinik #4 braid (pinkish silver), soy luster (green), perle #5 (yellow), and perle #8 (pink).  I have an idea to use this for a tree trunk.


Look at all the stitches I’ve learned and practiced since I started a few months ago. You can join in at any time, check out Sharon B’s weekly instruction at her Pintangle blog.

This has been a summer with record heat in Japan and yesterday I heard about a tornado that touched down north of Tokyo on Monday afternoon. Sixty-seven people were injured and hundreds of homes were damaged. In Hokkaido we have had quite a bit of rain the last few days, coming after a typhoon that was north of Okinawa last week.  Greg Fishel ( would love reporting about all this.

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Anonymous said...

Those stitches are really pretty! :D