Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another Shopping Adventure

It continues to snow like crazy. I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes it is snowing so much that you can’t even be outside.  We had a good time the day before going to the Aeon shopping mall that we decided to take the bus to Daiei yesterday.

Even though I’ve seen lots of roof shoveling, I’m always amazed.  The snow these guys are shoveling off the roof is waist to chest deep!

This is the first little wreck I’ve seen.  The streets have become so narrow, it’s hard to pass by another vehicle.

Here is Ted at the phone booth again.  The door to this booth is always shoveled out, so someone must be using the phone.

The bus sign gets wiped off, then covered with snow again.

This is what we see out the bus window.

When we go off the bus the driver gave us each a little ticket.  We have no idea what it is for.

Our purpose for this trip was mostly to go to the Hyaku Yen shop.  There are millions of little things for 100 yen.

Look at what we bought.

We had lunch at Café Piatto.  Smoking is allowed, as it seems to be at all restaurants here, unfortunately for us.

We sat at the counter to be the farthest from the smokers.  Ted had the spaghetti/potoato/meat dish with the salad and I had the “Chinese” plate.

After lunch, we headed for home.  We saw where you could borrow these little sleds to get your purchases out to your car, if you have one.

We got on the wrong bus going home and ended up taking the scenic route, but that was okay.  We did get home and we saw some areas we hadn’t seen before.

More Blackwork
After finishing Ojimi, I pulled out this Blackwork piece called Roses.  It was an EGA group correspondence course, by Carol Algie Higginbotham. It uses Kreinik #4 gold braid and DMC floss in #310 black and #317 gray on 28 count linen. I remember working on this at Stitch in Public Day at Borders in Cary last year, but I don’t think I’ve worked on it since.  Like everything else, I might finish it if I worked on it.

Stitch in Public Day 2011

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