Saturday, June 17, 2023

Crime In Japan - Illegal Haircuts


A 24 year old Vietnamese student in Tokyo was arrested for allegedly giving illegal haircuts to thousands of customers since April 2021. The unlicensed barber, a vocational school student, was said to offer haircuts in his home for 1,500 yen.  Police claim he attracted customers through social media and allegedly earned 4.5 million yen in total.  He has denied the allegations. 

I wonder who turned him in to the police. Maybe a disgruntled customer?


Queeniepatch said...

The illegal part of this story is probably that he is here on a student visa, not a working dito. I also expect he was arrested for tax evasion. Even if he is studying to become a barber, he can not charge for haircuts he charges for in his private home.

I wonder what an illegal haircut/hairstyle would look like in Japan?

Terra said...

Oh my. Perhaps on a student visa he can not work legally? Not paying taxes? I wonder what the punishment will be, let us know.

Toki said...

If he has a work visa, it is possible for him to work within Japanese regulations. But, He broke the work visa rule before the tax problem.
I think the problem was that he got paid for his haircut at home.
If hadn't been paid to work at a shop or do a haircut Volunteer at home , I think the results would have been different.
It is also possible that his house was for residential use only and that he was not allowed to open a shop. The landlord may have been contacted by someone who was distrustful of the fact that there were so many people coming and going other than these tenants.

kiwikid said...

Maybe he upset the neighbours with people coming and going?

Leonore Winterer said...

How interesting. I don't think barbers are quite as tightly licensed here...but they would get you for tax evasion!