Thursday, June 15, 2023

Just in Time for Summer - Chocolate Mint Ice Cream Flavor KitKat

Japan is big on seasonal and limited time products.  Chocolate mint is only available in summer here. KitKat and Baskin Robbins have collaborated on the new Chocolate mint flavored Kitkat candy, which is now available in bags of ten for 540 yen.

I like Choco Mint and think this looks good.  What do you think, would you try it?

For more info on Japanese KitKat flavors, check out the KitKat website. The Bokksu blog also has an article about Rare KitKat flavors.


Queeniepatch said...

Not at that price! I can get a bag of 10 pieces of bitter chocolate Kit-Kat for 199 yen.
I like the combination of chocolate and mint like in After Eight Mints, i.e. dark chocolate and creamy mint filling.

Jeanie said...

That sounds really dangerous!

kiwikid said...

Mmmmm no, chocolate and I are not good friends! The flavours that are made in japan continue to amaze me!

Leonore Winterer said...

These look good, I'd try them!