Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Work In Progress Wednesday

I worked on a couple of things this week. 

New Start - 3D pin cushion. This will be the next Stitch Group project. I made a pumpkin pin cushion a couple of years ago (finish can be seen here). This time I am making an apple with DMC threads.

I picked up this little crazy quilt piece one evening.

The House - adding some green thread stitches for the lawn.

The Mini 9-patch hand quilting. So far I am quilting an X through the centers and around the outside of the blocks, using regular quilting thread.

I read on Leonore's blog about a one thread a day challenge and have been thinking about it. Maybe I will try a one thread a week with some of my neglected projects.  I will think a little more about it, but it seems like a good way to make some progress and maybe eventually finish the older projects.


Queeniepatch said...

Good progress on both new and old projects. I think the 'one thread a day' is a good idea. The only negative thing is when you have no chance whatsoever to stitch even one thread, do you have to do two threads the next day? I would have to give myself the slack and skip that day's target or I'd be overwhelmed with undone work.
I hope to have the time tonight to do one thread!

Toki said...

I think it's amazing just to be able to work on a lot works at the same time.
Even if it takes time, I think it's a good way to progress little by little every day and complete one piece after another.
You have so many in your stash it's hard choose.
But, choose a work that makes you feel right now and enjoy it.šŸ™‹

Sandra said...

I love the little Pumpkin you stitched and the Apple will be just as lovely when it's finished. Please can you tell me who the designer is. I am sure I have seen similar things on Pinterest, but despite searching I can't find anything. I stitched a similar thing once by Jackie du Plessis from one of the JCS ornament issues and I would love to stitch something like that for the tree.

Leonore Winterer said...

Nice stitching, I like the 3D one! One thread a week sounds like a good way to get seriously neglected projects out of the rut.