Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Work In Progress Wednesday - Continuing with Summer One Thread Challenge

The projects below have all received at least one thread this week.  Some were hard to put down after only one thread.

New Start - Lizzie Kate freebie - chart found here.

The Apple Pin Cushion

The House - continuing with the yard.

Snow Days -This project is on 36 count linen with silk thread.

The Scarf - I did one purplish-blue thread where the scissors are pointing.

Cross Stitch and Buttons

Blackwork Sampler - I started the second line of the border, but unfortunately, I discovered a mistake in the first line. I will have to do some unstitching before I can continue.

The Virgin Queen's Pocket - Betsy Morgan.  I stitched one thread in the white area, where the scissors are pointing.

The Dogwood Afghan - scissors show stitched area.

Mt. Fuji Pouch

Mini Nine Patch Quilt 

Quiltwork - Ruth Dilts

I feel good about making progress on these projects.


Mylene said...

Wow! so many lovely projects on the go. Goodluck!

Vireya said...

It must take a lot of self-discipline to stop after one thread when you are having fun, as well as to do one thread on projects you don't enjoy so much. It must feel good to be making progress on them all.

Toki said...

Lots of work in progress.
There are various kinds and it is worth seeing and it is fun.😄

Queeniepatch said...

The satisfaction of progress on so many projects must be a real benefit. I bet, though, that sometimes it is hard to limit oneself to one thread only.
Personally, I've not had enough time for much progress this week. I am already one day behind. I hope to be able to post a Work In Progress THURSDAY report tonight...

Leonore Winterer said...

Looks like your challenge is going well!