Friday, December 19, 2014

Adventurous English Students

One of my English classes is planning a (pretend) trip to Australia.  I wish we could really go! They would be a fun group to travel with.  They’ve decided to go for a week in February, when it’s still winter here.  They have been researching where in Australia to visit because it is a big country and we can’t do it all in a week. They've chosen to go to Sydney for four days and Tasmania for three.  Next, we will choose hotels and make reservations by phone, then make decisions on what we need to pack. We are looking into the currency and the exchange rate and how much things cost.  I’m learning a lot while they are practicing their English skills.

Wednesday, we took our class to Bombay Blue restaurant for an Intensive English Lunch.  The owner and staff all speak English so it was great practice.  Santa san (my husband, Ted) joined us.  They all did excellent with speaking only English!


  1. What a fantastic way of learning and practising English. I had known about this technique when I was teaching. Using real English in restaurants though, was something we did, too, at the end of the term. This post brought back memories...

  2. What a wonderful way to practice a language! Looks like you had a great time.

  3. A topic about us! I'm happy to read this article:) I like your teaching. I am happy to hear you also are enjoying this class! I looked up some hotels. I found some cheap and good hotels with kitchen. Yeeeees, I wish we could really go. I hope you have a great trip to Kyoto and Okinawa! Bon voyage! Manami