Friday, December 12, 2014

Needlequest - Miniature Work 12 December

This month’s Needlequest topic is Miniature Work.  When we lived in the US, I had two doll houses and had made most of the furnishings and accessories.  I couldn’t bring it with us, but maybe I will have another little house again some day.  I saved two little quilts and a rug I made and will try to find them to show later.

In order to participate in the Needlequest challenge, I started a little pillow with 28 count evenweave fabric and DMC floss. I  didn’t like it, so I started a second one with the same colors.  I like it better.

This first one was too clunky


To find out what Needlequest is all about and maybe join it, check out Sew in Love.


  1. Working in miniature is hard on the eyes isn't it? I hope you have good magnifying lenses.

  2. I agree with Margaret, the smaller the stitches the harder on the eyes. The result is usually very impressive and who is now charmed by the world of doll houses.

  3. So glad you're also into miniatures! I've been itching to get into them for a while and this month's NQ is just what I need. :-)

    So, have you moved lock, stock and barrel to Japan? It may seem an odd question, but I know a fair number of people spending some time abroad, but expecting it to be short or medium term, so they still have goods and even homes back 'home'.

    Gambatte kudasai! :-)