Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Christmas Origami Workshop

I signed us up for an origami workshop in Sapporo.  Ted isn’t usually so crazy about crafty things like this, but since it’s my birthday, he agreed to participate.

They had a beautiful display of folded paper Christmas things.  I want to learn to make all of them!

In our two hour workshop, we learned to make three things – a Christmas tree with snow, a Santa, and a box. We each received a packet of supplies.

The first was the tree, made up of three parts of green tree and a brown base, and put together with glue stick.  It was not so difficult.

Next was Santa San, which had more folds, so was a bit more difficult, but I was still able to do it. The teacher and the Japanese participants at our table must have thought I couldn’t follow along or couldn’t understand what to do because they kept trying to take my paper and do the folding (sometimes not folding it as straight as I would have). I wanted to do it myself, but didn’t want to be rude.

The third project was a little box.  I had done something like this out of old cards years ago, but had forgotten how to do it.  These are very cute and I want to make more of them.

One woman at our table was from Malaysia, but most of the other participants were Japanese.  There was a group of children who were quicker at this than the adults.

It was a fun workshop!  Maybe we’ll make some more of these at home. Or maybe I will make more and Ted will look at them. (Really, he did very well with it!)


Queeniepatch said...

The ever helpful Japanese... kind but... I know how you must have felt.
Anyway, you have some wonderful paper craft for display. This will be easy to store for next year, and the forest and the Santa population, as well as the mountain of gift boxes can grow each year.

Thoeria said...

How cute!! Looks like a really fun workshop!