Friday, December 5, 2014

Second Floor Sales and Birthday Cake

Earlier in the week, one of the stitching group members told me about a special sale of stitching items that would take place on Thursday and Friday this week. She said she would pick me up and we could go together.  It was a good thing she took me because I would never have found it by myself. It was in a house in a neighborhood.  The first floor is a café that is closing for the winter.  The sale was held in two rooms on the second floor of this house.  I don’t really know who was hosting the sale, but it seemed to be some women who were selling off some of their own stash, not a store or anything like that.  I didn’t spend much but I came home with some great treasures – fabric, beads and accessory pieces, and a kit to make a small quilted bag (directions in Japanese). My friend found a few treasures of her own.  What fun!

Ted made me a birthday cake in the crock pot while I was out yesterday.  He knows how much I like carrot cake and it’s not to be found here in Hokkaido. It was delicious! (Maybe he’ll make another before my birthday month is over.)


Margaret said...

Wow, a carrot cake cooked in the crock pot. I didn't know it could be done. I am so pleased you are enjoying your birthday month celebrations.

Queeniepatch said...

I think I am going to adopt you way of celebrating your birthday - some treat every day of the month! Isn't it fun to go bargain hunting 'on the second floor'. Apart from finding good things cheaply you do help someone reduce their stash or sell off items from an estate. Great way of recycling. The carrot cake (originated from the States I guess) has made its way into all corners of the world. Carrot cake with thick icing has been a hit in Sweden, but my favourite recipe is Japanese. Actually I have two, one of them is with pineapple.
Have another great 'birthday' today.

Thoeria said...

Yummy....I love carrot cake! Especially when my brother bakes it :D
Lovely new stash....and the japanese instructions can be looked upon as an advanced lesson for your class !

Beth in IL said...

Love carrot cake and in a crock pot! What a great idea. Love the things you got shopping.